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4 Common Myths about Online Travel Agents You Should Stop Believing

Ever since various online scams started coming to light, people have stopped trusting online agents. There are a lot of myths that have started to creep up regarding online bookings and most of them are about booking travel packages. Most of these myths are just not true at all and you should stop believing them. Here are four most common myths about online travel agents that you should stop believing:

Myth 1: Online Travel Agents Are More Expensive Due to Their Convenience Fee

Almost all online travel agents charge a convenience fee to book flights and other travel-related bookings. But, the prices that you pay even after the convenience fee are lesser than what you would pay if you book these directly at the source. The best online travel guides also have regular offers, which make the prices even lower. Therefore, even if they charge a convenience fee, the overall price is still lesser than source price.

Myth 2: Online Travel Agents Attract Hidden Fees Disguising It as Taxes

The taxes are as per the norms of the government of the country that you are booking from. If you know the exact percentage of taxes that are to be paid by the consumer, then you can easily calculate and confirm whether the online travel agents are charging you more or exact. In almost all cases, the taxes are exactly what needs to be charged.

Myth 3: The Quality of Vacation Rentals Is Bad If You Book from Online Travel Agents

This is one of the most common myths. In fact, if you book through an online travel agent, they would make sure that your stay goes as smoothly as possible to protect their own business. Almost all online travel agents have assured vacation rentals in which they personally check the quality.

Myth 4: You Have to Pay the Entire Amount Online through Online Travel Agents

For all transportation, it is required to pay online, but if you are booking hotels or any other kind of resort or holiday package, you have the option of paying at check-in/check-out. Therefore, if you feel that you are not secure with online payment, you can opt for paying at check-in/check-out facility.

Now that all these myths have been debunked, you can begin to finally book your travel requirements via online travel agents.

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